Between the raindrops|The Bowerman’s |Family beach session

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a family session because : wedding season so getting back to my roots was a nice change!  I met the Bowerman’s at their community beach after a summer thunderstorm and the sky was an absolutely beautiful shade of dark blue/gray. It had cooled down a few degrees which is always a plus during these humid summer nights!

This family is the sweetest and not to mention, VERY photogenic.  The boys really knew how to have fun in the sand and because it had just rained, it was more like mud, eek! Sorry, Hayley!  Bath time was probably a lot of fun this night 🙂

Hayley was told once that her littlest has “snap chat filter” eyes and yes, yes he does. Big, beautiful baby blues.




Alex + Austin | Romantic Beach front Wedding|Kurtz Beach, Maryland

I’m so, so excited to share this special day. Alex is my cousin and I’ve seen her grow into such a beautiful woman over the years. It’s hard to believe that my baby cousin is now married and a mama to a sweet and OH SO squishy, one year old ( see baby with headphones down below). Cutie, right?!

Alex met Austin when she least expected it. Sound familiar? I feel like we always hear this story and as cliche’ as it may sound, there must be truth to it. However, that truth should be credited to one thing : God’s plan.

Austin pursued Alex and knew from the second he laid eyes on her, she was the one. That simple; the rest is history.

Their day was filled with many tears but even more laughs. My pop-pop stole the dance floor and I had to be careful when putting together their album because he could of easily taken up 75% of the pictures! Also, look closely and you will see that the family dog made it to the reception and our sunset portraits. That was a first 🙂

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what Gods plan really means. It’s not our expectations of how life should be and that we can’t “mess up” His plan.  He is so much bigger than us and I know I forget that ALL the time. So, what is God’s plan? It’s a journey and for us to be faithful to Him in everything we do so that we can better know ourselves and know Him. I will admit, there are days where I’m falling a part and not sure what the heck I’m doing in this life but then God shows me a glimmer of hope and I’ve reminded of His love and that is enough.

This will look so different for all of us but if we put our trust in Jesus, all things will be worked together for good.  Alex and Austin’s story is a true testament.

Enjoy, friends.



Photographer: Erin Duffy and second, Kate Ann Photography

Venue: Kurtz Beach

Dress: Garnish Boutique

Florist: Little shop of flowers

Invitations: Simply by Shelly

Hair: Rumors Salon

Makeup Artist: Lindsey Warner Makeup

ID Pro DJ, Bobby Dawson

Videographer: Andrew Vollnerhausen

Photobooth: Warren Brooks Photobooth

Calligraphy : Opal+ Print, Alexandria K. Gable & Emily Pittinger

In home session: Keller and Scarlett + Beaz

So lately, I’ve been trying to figure out my photography style…okay, I lied. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out my life but that’s a whole other blog post.

Anyways, back to photography style. Lifestyle sessions are probably my favorite so I’ve been taking on more in-home sessions. AKA sessions where you just wing it and let life happen. It can be hard because I go into sessions with so many ideas and wish I could control the light, people, setting, weather and the list goes on. However, I’ve captured the most beautiful, raw emotion when things go the complete opposite than what I planned. How funny. God is always throwing me these subtle life lessons. Geesh, He’s good.

Newborn photography is NOT easy by any means and I give major props to all those who specialize in it. I tried my hand at a few posed shots and those came out cute but these images, the ones that are just real life happening, turned out the best.

As for my life, I’m working to apply the same teaching. Let go and let God.

Here you go guys: Big sister Scarlett, new baby brother Keller and good ol’ Beaver ( the orca whale feline).



The Perry’s!

Okay, real talk :  I want to wear Makenna’s outfit. Yes, I want to to be able to pull off a chambray shirt and tulle skirt. Gosh, why do kids dress so much cooler than us these days? And by kids I mean, 1-3 year olds?!?  Anyways…I loved spending the afternoon with Brooks, Jen and their sweet little one, Makenna! This girl is on the go and had so much energy! Mom and Dad brought along her favorite stuffed animal, “Turtie” ( a turtle, of course). He was my saving grace because every time I held him up, Makenna lit right up!

*Family portrait tip: if your child has a favorite toy, book, stuffed animal, etc. please bring it a long for your session! It will work wonders, I promise. And SEE,  you could never tell I was wiggling “Turtie” and acting like a complete crazy woman in these images, right?  P.S. Turtie’s can also work wonders on Mom and Dad’s 🙂

Enjoy my friends.

untitled-3-of-8untitled-15-of-53untitled-2-of-8untitled-16-of-53untitled (10 of 53).JPGuntitled-11-of-53untitled-12-of-53untitled-24-of-53untitled-23-of-53untitled-2-of-53untitled-1-of-1-2untitled-50-of-53untitled-52-of-53untitled-43-of-53untitled-40-of-53untitled-36-of-53untitled-27-of-53

Leaves, little ones and lots of laughter.

A few weeks back I held fall mini sessions at Centennial Park and boy was it packed! It looked like fall but felt like spring so needless to say the sweater I wore was a bad choice! I came home with make-up down my face, but it was soo worth it.

I love shooting at Centennial because there are so many locations and backdrops PLUS there is no entry fee.Which is rare to find these days.

My first session of the weekend was the Gray family. I took photos for them last year so it’s really fun to see how their little ones have grown!  I can’t rave enough about how adorable and sweet their family is! Plus, this color combo, those suede skirts! Can someone buy me one, please?

Fall in love below.

untitled-1-of-1-33untitled-1-of-1-33untitled-10-of-80untitled-19-of-80untitled-14-of-80untitled-27-of-80untitled (31 of 80).JPG

untitled (30 of 80).JPGuntitled (1 of 1).JPGuntitled-43-of-80untitled-46-of-80untitled-54-of-80untitled-52-of-80untitled-66-of-80untitled-61-of-80untitled-67-of-80untitled-78-of-80untitled-57-of-80

This is love.

The Bowerman’s added another little one to their line up! Baby Jackson is Baby Augies cousin -see cute bath time session from a few weeks back. They are going to be the bestest of friends!

Speaking of best friends…..Jackson’s big bro, Brecken loves him just as much as his trucks ( if you look close you’ll see they also make an appearance.)

I shot through the moments and documented the story behind this lovely family of four. One day, I hope they look back at these images and either laugh or cry. Hey, I’m fine with either. 🙂

My photos may not be perfectly posed or perfectly lit but they are perfectly real. And that my friends,  is what this is all about.